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Indra Garda Agung Always Give You The Best Values

Indra Garda Agung adalah perusahaan penyedia jasa keamanan satpam (jasa satpam) yang legal, terpercaya, dan profesional. Kami juga berpengalaman dalam bidang security

PT Indra Garda Agung adalah perusahaan yang telah berdiri sejak 2014. Kami telah berpengalaman dalam jasa keamanan, jasa security, dan jasa satpam. Kami juga menyediakan jasa pengawalan pribadi atau bodyguard. Perusahaan kami juga selalu memberikan tenaga satpam dan keamanan yang handal, profesional, dan terlatih.

User Focus

We focusing on your satisfication

Always give our best

Now you can focusing on your main bussiness

Team Building Management

We have one of the best team building management

Work With Our Heart

We are responsible to keep you secure


Integrity is the Key of Your Trust

Never Make You Disappointed

We never hesitate when we do our services

What We Do?

We provide professionals manpower  which  has integrity to support user requirements. We manage manpower  as a part of our team to involve our core value

Know More About Our Services


Indra Garda AgungJasa Keamanan Satpam, Penyedia Jasa Security have many services that will help you to keep you secure. All of services that we serve to you are 100% from our heart. Our team are always give the best shot when we serve, because we know Your Satisfy is Our Commitment.

We have five main services which you can choose

  • Security guard services (Jasa Satpam)
  • Bodyguard services (Jasa Bodyguard)
  • Temporary guard for event (Jasa Keamanan)
  • Upgrade , refreshment, and training security guard
  • Cleaning Services
  • Other Supporting unit