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3 Principles of Service Excellence for a security guard

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Perusahaan Jasa Security

Excellent Service or in Indonesian is called Pelayanan Prima is a pattern of the best service in modern management that prioritizes concern for the user. The most important thing in providing services to users, there must be at least three main things: caring for the user, serving with the best actions, and satisfying the user by orienting to certain service standards. The principles of excellent service that a security guard must have are as follows:

  • Attitude

The attitude that must be owned by a security guard in order to provide excellent service is to show the best performance. A clean and neat appearance will make users comfortable with the security services themselves. Positive, healthy, and logical ways of thinking are also included in attitudes that must be possessed by security guards. Then, the attitude of respecting the user is also one of the excellent services for a security guard.

  • Attention

Listen and understand seriously the needs of the users, because security guards who have excellent service must always pay maximum attention to the needs of the user. Then after that, the security guard must also observe and respect the user’s behavior. Every decision made by the user must be accepted by security guards. A personal approach is also the right way to provide excellent service to users. In other words, a security guard must know who are the people concerned with his work. After approaching, the thing that a security guard must do is build good relations with the user. Good communication between security guards and people around work is very influential to provide excellent service.

  • Action

This is very influential in excellent service because it relates to actions taken by security guards. A security guard is declared to have succeeded in providing excellent service if he succeeded in realizing all kinds concerned with the user’s needs.

Benefits for security guards if they have carried out the above principles:

  • Foster user confidence in the security itself.
  • Retain users to remain loyal to use the services of the security guard in question.
  • Get more attention from users, because they provide excellent service.

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