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11 Attitudes That Must Be Owned By A Security Guard

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As a security guard, there are some things that must be understood and carried out. In order for the process of the work of a security guard to be in accordance with the provisions in force and make a security guard more qualified and professional. The following are some of the attitudes and behaviors that must be considered for a security guard:

  1. Maintain cleanliness of the body:
  • Hair and mustache neatly shaved.
  • Beards should be shaved off and clean.
  • Clothes and neat appearance, clean according to the provisions of the security guard uniform.
  1. Resilient, patient, steadfast, and confident in carrying out the task.
  2. Obey the rules and respect the norms that apply in the work environment.
  3. Can keep the secret entrusted to him and not spread the wrong news or the truth is uncertain.
  4. Act decisively, honestly, courageously, fairly and wisely in making decisions.
  5. Quick response (Responsive) in providing protection/security in the workplace environment and dare to make the best decisions but under applicable regulations.
  6. Able to socialize the environment both inside and outside the task area and its surroundings.
  7. Protect assets and people in the work environment.
  8. Respect and uphold Human Rights.
  9. Not emphasize the personal interests and interfere with other affairs/fields that have nothing to do with the task.
  10. Have a sense of pride and enthusiasm and always maintain the good name of the company in the workplace.

If a security guard already has the attitude and behavior as mentioned above, then the security guard can be considered a security guard who has a good attitude and is very worthy to be called a professional security guard.

But, a security guard must remain consistent in his attitude, not only at the beginning of a career or at certain times. The professional attitude of a security guard must always be done, whenever and wherever and at any time.

The higher the position of a security guard, the professional attitude must be even better and the responsibilities to be faced will also be more and more. For example, by becoming a chief or danru, as a good security guard must give an example to its members. Therefore, the 11 attitudes above must be maintained well by a security guard.

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