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3 Things You Need To Know About Security Guards

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The Security Unit or commonly called SATPAM is an important part of a company. In addition to maintaining security, security guards also become front-liners who assist company services. For this reason, the following are the basic things we should know about security guards:

  1. Definition of Security Unit (SATPAM)

Security Guard is a form of PAM Swakarsa which is an extension of the National Police in the implementation of tasks in a restricted area. Security Guard is formed by the agency/project/business entity to carry out physical security in the context of providing security in its work environment.

  1. Meaning of Security Unit Logo (SATPAM)

SHIELD: symbolizes that a security guard is a shield to face all threats and security disturbances in his work environment.

MACE: symbolizes high preparedness and discipline in carrying out tasks.

RICE AND COTTON: symbolizes welfare which is the goal of security.

FIRE: symbolizes a fervent enthusiasm and unyielding against every obstacle.

RIBBON: Symbolizes flexibility in carrying out tasks

For members of the security guard who have never attended education or training may have difficulty doing their duties and functions. To become a security guard the first thing to do is to attend security guards training. By attending training, security guards will get adequate knowledge and skills to support the work of security forces.

  1. The Security Unit Training Level (SATPAM) has 3 levels:

  • Gada Pratama (Basic), is mandatory basic training for prospective security guard members. The duration of the training is four weeks with a pattern of 232 hours of study. Training materials:
  • Interpersonal Skill
  • Professional ethics
  • Main Duty, Function, and Role of Security Guard, Limited Police Capability
  • Self-defense
  • Introduction to Explosives
  • Valuables and Shooting Training
  • Narcotics, Psychotropic Knowledge and Other Addictive Substances
  • Use of Police Sticks and Handcuffs
  • Marching Knowledge and Respect;
  • Gada Madya (Supervisor), is advanced training for security guard members who have Gada Pratama qualifications. The duration of the training is two weeks with a pattern of 160 hours of study.
  • Gada Utama (Security Management), is a training that can be attended by anyone at the manager level, like the chief security officer or security manager. A hundred hours study pattern.

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